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If the World Had Wheels

If you haven’t seen this

you need to! There are several versions on YouTube but this one is my favorite. This is a video of Aaron Fotherinham, 14, displaying his skate skills and pulling off the world’s first back flip in a wheelchair. While I like to keep all four wheels on the ground, I admire this young person’s leadership in a relatively undeveloped sport and…it’s fun to watch! With even more focus on the Oscar Pistoriusstory today, do you think there’s hope for a sport like this one?

3 Responses to “If you haven’t seen this”

  1. Jen Says:

    I think there is certainly a future in the dis community for extreme sports. We, as in people with disabilities shatter stereotypes on a daily basis, why not one more?

    Heard yesterday that Oscar Pistorius was disqualified from the able bodied games but no decision yet on the Paralympics. If he has an unfair advantage over AB, wouldn’t that advantage carry over to dis athletes too? I wish people could see all the hard work people like you and your teammates put into the Games, maybe then the Paralympics would get their deserved respect?

  2. Sheri Says:

    OMG…I would be in so many pieces! I admire the effort, but I would surely DIE! LOL….

  3. Danny Says:

    I have to agree with Sheri. Thanks for the video.